Photo by: KC Nwakalor

Anne Nwakalor (Alagbe) is a British-Nigerian Photo Editor and Communication Expert based between Manchester, UK and Abuja, Nigeria. She is the Founding Editor of one of Africa's first contemporary photography magazine; No! Wahala Magazine, which is a print photography magazine championing authentic visual stories told by African creatives. Her practice developed whilst studying a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary photography at the 'University Of The Arts London'. Her interests revolve around representation, bereavement and elitism within the art world alongside a range of other topics. Due to a background in creative writing and film, Anne tends to incorporate text and moving image into her work, creating multimedia's alongside still images. Alongside her visual practice, Anne is also a critical writer, usually writing on topics such as 'Othering' 'Exoticism' and Colonialism within the Photography industry. Anne frequently facilitates workshops on photography, ethical storytelling and printed media. She has also delivered presentations and talks at a number of universities, exhibitions, art events and photo festivals. 
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